Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my unfortunate blogging holiday...

Well i didnt mean to take a break But first the internet refused to go for a week then we took a up one day and back the next trip to Taupo for a birthday...and got snowed in for three days!!!! In spring!! It was a freak snowstorm and the worst in 25 years!! Fortunately we left a bit late otherwise we would have been trapped on the road with 100 other people in need of rescuing!!
And do you know there I was safely and warmly ensconced in a bach with my family andnot a thing to quilt in sight!! Oh THAT was painful!!
Before I left I finally finished my Christmas Mystery quilt. And with that finihsed I joined a quilting group who meet in a hundred something most gorgeous cottage to quilt and talk. I hurridly basted and samwhiched up my Civil War quilt and so that is my project of current.

A close up...can you see the stippling. What a pain I find the edges of the quilt to do!!

And its beginning to feel a bit CHristmas with this the traditional christmas cake baked and beautifully moist. This is my Granmothers recipe faithfully reproduced by all her offspring. Now i dont like Fruit cake but its one of those traditions that I couldnt do without, and I can be proud of this may be the best one yet. I have it wrapped up to age before the ig day but I am unsure of the icing technique just yet.
Im looking forward to reading all the blogs after my enforced intenet break. And I have 180 e mail to trawl through.....
Love and happy stitching

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