Sunday, August 24, 2008

Crafty Cherry has been crafting

It Its been longer between posts than I wanted but Ive been a busy girl. My two girls have been in a library programme and the finale was a Mad Hatters Party. Any body who know me knows that given a theme and a glue gun and with opportunities to visit the $2.00 shop often I tend to go over the top. These two hats for the girls were the end results. Georgias was a mass of flowers with butterflies suspended on wires coming out the sides and Alexs was a feather theme (lots of burnt fingers glueing all those teeny tiny feathers on ) with eggs and chicks coming off the side s and sitting in a colourful nest.
Im also (well and truly sick of ) quilting my halloween quilt... Its just going on and on and on now, but I have finished most of the meandering stitch and am now mostly doing in the ditch. I want to finish it before we go on Holiday up North in one and a half weeks time. For that journey and break I have my (I love it so much) table runner all pined up and ready to go. I am going to so enjoy doing this smaller project.
Ive also been scrapbooking. I go through scrapbooking phases and I know that if I wasnt so hung up on quilting then I would still spend all that time on scrapping. I LOVE photography and have so many pictures that i want to scrap and journal about. I am also going to work on those lovely retro brownie faded photos of my youth and I am doing pictures from my Dads and Grandads eras.
Georgia is playing the part of Victoria larkin in the OPeratics version of The darling Buds of may so I am there, helping with costumes and Naturally Quilting away in the green room. Its feels almost too good to be watching my daughter perform on stage while being able to quilt. SHould life be this great?! Alex loves it too so we are all happy. (And gorgeous hubby is able to lie down and sleep while all us girls are out) so everyone is pleased!

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