Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sewing and savings

I was over at Rhondas blog. and she has just written the most wonderful blog on saving and simple living and all the things I so desparately am trying to do and would like to say but she said it so much better than I could so just go there for her post. She invited comments on peoples savings and I wrote and told her I have taken on sewing for the children. It IS cheaper despite what people say about the Warehouse etc etc. I do have the time (I make the time) and I enjoy it. So here is what i have sewn today and the pattern i copied it from. Im no great sewer but picking a easy pattern is the answer here. As a steward of the home and loving being a housewife I consider sewing a artform as well as a practicality that I must do.
The next task I will be attempting is some warm nighties for the girls. They also want nightcaps AKA Little house on the Priairie to go with them...
Just to show you how much the top above cost:
Material (on sale) 6.00 for 2 metres(about 1 metre left over..)
Cotton: 1.99 (Used only a little)
Interfacing: Free down the bottom of my materials box.(but cheap to buy)
Lace: 2.49 (about half left over again for another project)
I also made this pattern for abut the same cost for georgia and the pattern I bought a while ago on sale for $5.00 so that has paid for itself.
The nightie pattern was a whopping 14.00!!! So Ill have to have agood go at making everything on it to pay for itself. On the plus side it has pjs and summer pjs on it as well.


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Liberty Star Farm said...

Even with warnings of an approaching snowstorm tomorrow, I know warm weather will surely be upon us too quickly. I have yet to begin any sewing of spring dresses. Fortunately I made longer dresses last year and I am crossing my fingers that my daughter hasn't grown completely out of them.

I'm glad to find another mum who's sewing for her children. Have the girls begun sewing?