Sunday, March 9, 2008

Making it Monday

Such plans I had last night as I lay my head down on the pillow. You see I have joined Flylady. At last. And worked out how to access a different e mail to read my (many) messages. Oh I was going to declutter and clean, get the rubbish out, wash clothes, hang out drying , fold and put away clothes. It seemed like a good plan. But then I felt ill waking up. And so did Georgia.:( So that was that. Instead of any cleaning. I managed to finish the last of the nighties for the girls. And I made them matching "prairie" hats. I feel so... Caroline Ingels..
Then I went to the blogs and found this And Oh my(as Georgia says all the time) Many hours later I had so many ideas going around in my head that I went dizzy. And still the beds werent made...
I covet this apron: is it not the most gorgeous thing youve ever seen?
And can not get the idea of wearing it around the house as I do my work out of my head.
In the meantime though I do feel inordinately proud of these nighties. The Simplicity pattern didnt seem that simple. Oh well. The first project was a bit rough(sorry Georgia) but the second was work more to be proud of. This ALWAYS happens with my sewing, novice that I am.
To all you in the northern hemisphere i feel the sun coming your way. Well it is definately cooler here now. But I love each and every season. I love to be hot in summer, cold in winter. Still I feel some sadness as the days row subtly darker earlier and the pool becomes used less and less. So although I love each day, each season each moment and celebrate it I have to admit to needing some reasons to look forward to the cooler weather.
The flies: they are everywhere, on the ceilings all I can think of is endless flypoop cleaning excusions arriving me way. The land on me just when I am trying to concentrate on something. I love to be the eco warrior and guilt strains me as I spray the flyspray with gay abandon.
The humidity: Sticky sleepless nights, lethargic days, living for the blessed hope of an evening breeze.
Dry, dry garden: The lush spring growth and promise of a green bountiful garden soon falls pry to heat in summer and soon the garden just looks sad.
I do love to see the changing colours of Autumn but the months since Christmas just seem to have flown by...

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