Friday, March 14, 2008

A day in the life of me

I apolgise for photos being all over the place. I CANNOT get blogger to work for me and the help line is not going so please just bear with me.

Yeast has fizzed and flour has been added. Just need to leave it for a while.
Tea of Mac Cheese ready for later and look at those peaches to preserve!
Brush, brush, dental nurse next week. (Shes lovely.)
Night Georgia/ How long will the hat stay on? (Half the night actually)
Ready for school. Strike a pose Georgia.
Alex in the front seat of the huntermobile today.
Happy to be going to school A day of adventure awaits.
Yeast and water are bubbling away ready for stage two (see above)

Break time Quilting (Of course)

6.30: Wakey Wakey

Feed dog and cats, Sam(labrador) Denzie, Sarah and Meekhoef(black, tabbie and tortie)
Look at pile of laundry fold some and give up
Put away soap from two weeks ago to age nicely in cupboard
Make beds (this is Alexandras bed)

Rhonda at down to earth has written a day in the life of me and I thought it would be fun to join in. So here is my day on Friday with some photos to get you in the mood. Join in if you like and let me know about your days.

So this is (loosely) what happened on Friday in my life.
6.30 Alarm wakes me with radio 2zB Gorgeous hubby is up dressed in his uniform (-sigh-) and I make a cup of coffee and some toast and go back to bed to eat and drink under the covers of what is a chilly morning and listen to Paul Holmes and lots of news .
7.oo: Rouse children, open their windows and curtains and turn tv on to entice them to get up (it works!) They have Nutrigrain for breakfast.
From now on I do a few standard things: make lunches for girls, pack up bags with their other supplies, make their beds (mine is taken over by the girls) and ermpty the dishwasher. This morning I also put away in the cupboard my new soap from two weeks ago to "cure" for another six weeks, polish my kitchen sink as per Flylady instructions and feed the dog.
I also manage to fold some laundry before giving up.

8.00 Girls are dressed, hair brushed (not without rebellion from Alex) Yes there is a reason Alex hair looks a bit tubledried in photos!! Out the door, time to see pet Praying Mantis "Brownie" Discover Brownie is in process of being eaten by Ants. It is too late to save him alas only Brownies legs remain. Oh well memore mori (we all must die)

In the truck (Daddys deer huntin truck the car doesnt seem to be behaving itself) and off to School. The girls go to a small(ish) 125 pupil school deep in the orcharding country where myself and my father went. Big hugs and big kisses and lots of love later and they are off to find their friends, have fun and learn.

back home for me. First job back home is to make bread. This recipe I love, it makes two average size loaves and tasted divine. First I mix two cups of warm water with two teaspoons of yeast and two teaspoons of sugar. Then I leave that for ten minutes to fizz up. What esle is their to do in ten minutes but make my bed and have another coffee!!

Return and add three cups of flour two teaspoons of salt. Mix togehter and put in warm place with plate over top. Plenty of sun coming in now and so lots of heat by the window.

Next I walk the dog (actually in this case I let him out the gate onto the park we border and he walks himself! ) I can hear him making his way up the park as the neighbouring dogs ring out in successive angry, aggressive friendly yelps/ howls/ barks. Clothes out on line from wash last night and pick up dog poop (Yuk I HATE this job) back inside and clean up last of laundry (towels) and put in wash.

Finish folding laundry. Call madly and loudly for at least 15 minutes beore dog is spotted miles away as a yellow blur on other side of park. Resign myself to actually doing some exercise and retrieving him.

A bit of vacuuming, clean the toilet and read the post. Avoid opening the bank balances today. (need to be in a more upbeat, shell be right kind of mind, not a OMG how will we survive on this much money one)

Lunch is at 1.00 to watch Dr Phil and then over a coffee (Still watching) take out my frugal quilting project (grandmas garden out of all my scraps). Learn a lot about teenagers...

2.00 Oprah comes on and i listen to her while down stairs finishing second round of bread. I add enough flour and two tablespoonspoons oil to mix and bring on a doughy texture then knead for ten minutes. Divide it and put in two loaf tins using butter paper as linig (great recycling idea from Grannies era)

Then I place on window ledge capturing last of that sun to rise again. Tea is simple tonight- macaroni Cheese with breadcrumb and olive oil topping .

I also wash out some large jars becasue later on this evening I will be preserving peaches I bought on way home from School.

2.40: Pick up Children . It takes ten minutes to find them, another ten to convince them to peel off their friends and come home. This afternoon is free for us. Tuesdays they both have swimming lessons, Wednesday Alexandra has baller, Friday georgia has singing lessons, and Sunday Georgia has a rehearsla for the latest musical she is in.
Children demand food on arrival home so I give them some organic apples picked off friends garden, biscuits and bottles of water. They play outside with dog, play with their cats and watch Sponge Bob.
I cook bread in oven for half an hour at 180C Unfortunately i should have cooked it for perhaps ten more minutes I realise when we eat it later.
Open bags and clean out lunches. Sam gets remains. he looks forward to this each Schoo day end.
Gorgeous Hubby arrives home and gets out of uniform -(sigh-) and we enjoy a cup o f tea together and tak about each others days.
Tea is at 5.30. While I wash up , fill dishwasher and clean up aferwards Flylady style, gorgeous hubby goes through homework with girls. Alex has a book to read and Georgia has poem, alliteration , spelling and tables.
Then I preserve my peaches. Its been a bad season and the fruit has been hit by frosts and there isnt much around. This is reflected in poor fruit I was forced to buy. Out of 8.00$ worth I only get two and half bottles. Thank goodness I got early Queens preserved a few weekd back.
Bed is at 8.00. Girls brush teeth, georgia reads herself a book and I read Witch Witch to Alex and Goodnight Moon (My old book- you cannot buy this classic in NZ it seems shame)
Lights out at 8.30 or in Alex case lights dimmed.
back upstairs to read book (I havent read anything for ages. This book is called Sophies World and is about some sort of mystery and philosopy.Its GREAT!
Another tea with gorgeous hubby before we shower (Using homemade soaps) and bed. I read some more, check my favourite blogs and go to sleep about 11.00.
Sweet dreams!!


Futuristics said...

NICE Blog :)

Frogdancer said...

(I'm a SS too!)
I envy you the Dr Phil and Oprah. I used to love watching them before I went back to work.

Liberty Star Farm said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving the idea about a cheater quilt as I hadn't considered that option. It might be just what I need to get the project finished in a reasonable amount of time.

Have a great day!