Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The School holidays

Its the School holidays her in NZ. Two weeks of fun with the kids. Pjs til lunchtime, sleeping in...bliss. The thing is every holidays I vow to clean up, find lost library books (so far found1/3!!) and keep ahead of my girls and thier messes/ playchaos. Again I appear to be failing..... I also cant seem to get my act into gear to finish off Georgias PJ pants. I have sewn her top and she loves it and wears it with some old ottoms, and youd think that would motivate me wouldnt you?? ut no..Ive cut out one and cleared a space on the kitchen/craft table and cant seem to take the next step. However I have begun walking again. Boy am I knackered!!! My shoes are rubbish and I feel as if all my toes have been hammered tonight. Honestly I can hardly walk! I really need to svae and buy some decent Nikes (they fit my hooves well last time)
I am trying to get all my wedding photos scrapped. Gets a bit tedious. Their is no journalling or not much. Not really a lot I can say and so its just coming up with different artwork for the photos. Sometimes it all comes together and Im really happy with the result others Im not so happy  with and I keep thinking i should have used the same colours or papers throughout...but it is what it is and if in the furure some grear great grandspring enjoys them then my work is done!!!!

So this one I have actually written in white pen the guests pictured here..Im semi-happy with this one..  kaiser paper La di dah collection..

This one I started to pull apart and rearrange half way through still not sure what I think. I used kaiser love Notes (lots of Kaiser in Spotlight at the moment!) I also bought  a new bottle of gloss for the embellishments and have gone a bit crazy...youll see lots of glossy accents from here on in..

I used some stazon ink and acetate for the butterflies. First time Ive used this medium. The papers were free with a magazine and I pretty much copied thier layout they had used as an example inside...lazy huh?

More free papers, a copied layout and glossy accents going on here.......

More of the same here........

ANd this one I got from this site. Loved the sketch and practically used it exactly as it was drawn. I have so many gorgeous photos of the ballet days with Alex and am sad they are over. But now we are going to riding lessons so onwards and into new directions.

I have good news from the chook pen. My concerns over Sad chook not being well were quite true. SHe became jittery and upset and I couldnt get near her. Then I read that often chooks heavily in the moult can be paranoid. Now that a few new feathers are coming forth she has calmed down a lot more and with the new glossy feathers I keep telling her thats she going to be gorgeous!!
I do love my chooks. Everybody knows it!
Im sore and tired and Sons of Anarchy has begun so I bid you happy scrapping and happy chook keeping, until next time
Love Cherry

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