Wednesday, April 6, 2011

News from down on the (urban) farm...

I was reading a great simple life type blog here
and there were pitures of the chickens on this particular urban farm, with good and evil listed. It gave me the imputus to get into the yard and remember my camera to take pics of my girls. It has been raining really hard today and for the first time is fire starting cold so the chook pen is in a bit of a state ...(just warning you)
First up is Sad Chook. Somethings up with sad chook the grande dame of the yard. Shes eating, and drinking, occassionally pecking the young guns and looks bright and cheery enough, BUT something is up. I just feel it. Hopefully it is justthe moult. Sads has feathers poking out everywhere but a lot of glossy ones now to replace her rather dull old brown ones that living ina cage the size of a mouse trap gives you after righteen months..... I thinkshes responsible for laying the monster eggs every four or sodays and Im sure her laying has mellowed off. Im pretty sure its the moult and my GHIU can just stop making knife across the throat gestures when I mention it.... my poor babies. They will die as god intended. Hopefully falling off the perch replete and happy..

And then theres the ever gorgeous Christmas, UNdisputed Queen of the pack. She lays her cute little rown eggs every day and looks such a sight with bare feathers sticking out of her bum like pieces of straw. Bless her shes sucha little character. She is small but mighty. Look at Hokey next to her. Shes hoping for some green scraps (they had last nights left over stew a couple of hours efore at lunch so neednt look so hungrty and needy)

Here are the girls in their muddy yard . I really want to put some straw down ut the stuff Ive got is so full of grass seed and I have nightmares using it in their nesting box as it is of grass seeds embedded in bodies and inhaled down throats into lungs (this happened to our labrador Sam ....Marleys younger dopier brother..) .
From the back we have Sad Chook,Hokey, Pokey, Christmases bum, and Shelley (fitting the evil label in this photo) helen Cluck is out of shot.
 So that sums up the Animal side of the farm. Now onto the winter garden..
 Bok Choi and (can you see them) our onion seedlings are up!~!!!! First time we have ever grown onions!!! (musnt get too smug too early obviously)
Nasturtiams and beetroot, baby brassicas and (below the ground) hopeful broad bean seeds.

And just when you thought it couldnt get anymore photographically more exciting. The brassica patch interspersed with celery, spinach and the last of the basil..
 Of course i couldnt finish with out some scrapping.  last Tuesdays class was this double layout. I had just torn my muscle in my shoulder and was in pain, but nothing comes between me and my scrapbooking outings..

You can tell though that this is not my bestwork. I really was in pain and the rest of my body seemed to be in sympathy with the shoulder and so I made lots of boo boos. Ive yet to write in the little tags we made to fit behind the photos, Maybe some writing will lift this L/o
I was speaking to our gorgeous tuor who comes up with these l/os and she uses her granddaughter as a model in her layouts. She said that she had about elevan albums of her that she had used. I told her what a great legacy she was leaving her and that when she was older she would treasure it. Then I thought Golly am I doing the same thing!??
I have another photo of a layout of my father duckshooting from years ago and it was in a truly AWFUL layout I did a few years back. I have redone it and was quite pleased but my camera battery just died before I couldl get it to this blog.
Check out this sketch too. I want to use it soon..
Happy scrappin, good living and frugal thoughts
until next time
Love cherry

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