Friday, December 17, 2010

Scrapping the Chrissy photos

And so here are some of the Christmas scrapping pieces I have done..I havent included all of them. I have really enjoyed doing these and there are plenty to do. Im hoping for some Scrapping vouchers this Chrissy!! Actually i went into the scrapping shop and there on the wall was a tremendous piece on canvas. It was gorgeous!!! Anyway it is going to be a class in Feb 2011. I have my name down! The cost is $70.00 so Ill be putting money on it bit by bit so it will be less painful then paying as I leave the class. It really is so beautiful, a comination of shabby chic and antique with the three photos in sepia to match the colours of the canvas. YUM!!

At my none oclock walk about, feeding the chickens and having to slosh through the mud that is their run at the moment, I took a moment to have a small harvest. One egg, four strawberries, one chicken (Pokey the jumper) on the nest, and then I went to my two much neglected old packing boxes, filled with straw and grass clippings, racked apart by the chooks, not watered at all then when i remembered watered into a drowning frenzy and so i was pleasantly surprised to see this little gold mine of new tatties there. plus one of the boxes was filled with fat juicy worms, so many in fact that it reminded me of a worm farm (which by the way i want)..I think I will add a few piles of old straw and some food scraps to this because the composition that has gone in this is quite unbelievable.

And finally to finish here is Alex in hospital. less her heart. She was so sick. She still has a cough but all her antibiotics are finally finished and she went for her first post sickness swim the other day..she has missed the pool so much!

Happy scrapping and harvesting
Love Cherry

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