Monday, August 16, 2010

Scrappin" and quiltin"

Cropping night at Hastings Ruber Stamps...  these are both canvas and I had aLOT og help from some more experienced croppers.        Im quite pleased with the result, but ended up spending      WAY to much moolah!!!

Having finished my sheep wall hanging I dove into my UFO box to see what i could pull out next and came away with Sisters Choice. In no time at all i had finished it ut now I am making some flying geese borders around it to add more size..I couldnt bear to make more blocks. !!

Im on a major overhaul of my organisation systems and decluttering. A lot of work to do there... I keep getting distracted by the Good Life on DVD. Despite being made in the 70s It is relevant today and was obviously well researched at the time thus Good ideas, so Really its educational!! And laugh out loud humour, one thing the English comedies always have  (But the Americans have come up with some good ones of late Big bang, 2 and a half men and Garry unmarried..but I digress.)
The flying geese will take up time for a while and Im sewing lots of lace i bought super cheap onmto a handmade skirt I made a while ago to dress it up a bit, otherwise I cant say what Ill be sewing next..Perhaps Christmas decs..
Love to you all