Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday

To my gorgeous girl. Yesterday at exactly 11.43 pm Alexandra turned eight!! Oh the years they fly!! We took a group of eight girls to the Onekawa heated pools which has two slides and various pools and spas and the girls had a last. And Yes, earth mama ought them all maccas for lunch :(   and KFC for tea. And that is that. I HAVE got to keep away from the places I vocally spurn the most, what a hypocrite!!
Meanwhile I am growing various plants on the windowsill from seeds I have saved (apart from peas0 so far i have peas, capsicums, tomatoes and wheat. i would love the arty close up mega awesome image photos that my SLR takes, ut als the digital cant do photography justice and my SLR is a film camera. Sigh. Can I just say that I was a tad worried about bringing up the seeds so early in winter. ut then I was embraced y many days of mild spring like wether. Totaly fooled me. Today it is snowing everywhere that it usually snows and the cold snowy winds are lowing in off the ranges. it is truly freezing and suddenly it feels like winter again. maybe for the first time. I never feel as if its truly winter until the desert and Napier taupo roads are snowed in..and they are.
So this has cheered me up somewhat. im so daft though. Two glaring eye drilling mistakes to those in the know. And if youre even half a quilter they will stand out and punch you etween the eyes. Clue: a misplace sheep and no slashing where there ought to be.. Still its country enough for me, and I will hang it in the country home. Which strangely enough feels quite close by. Just a few people have suggested things and there MAY be a few options coming up..May..
At our School where i work we grew aaa whole lot of fruit trees. Well there were a few left over and for five dolars each I came home with a eating grape and a grapefruit treee. I was rapt. I will be having to juggle my small bay tree and GHIU has (kinda) promised to make me a grape frame but I am excited to get them in. The ubran farmyard grows!! Ive been selling off the surplus eggs at School too. Its quite funny how I think of other things to eat in order to keeep enough eggs to sell by the dozen. Greed pure and simple. Today my chooks humled me by only laying three eggs..just to remind whos really in charge of production around here!
Yours in eggcitement

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solomi558 said...

Hi Cherry , lovely of you to visit my blog again, Welcome
Indulge those girls,nice to go to McD , and KFC , occasionally .
boot those chuckies up the bum and tell them what they are there for
Nice little quilt .

You like my bedroom eh! It,s my sanctuary , I like that quilt too . just made out of scraps from my stash , an awful corner turned back but it,s rectified now .

Bless you , from cottonreel