Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good bye Moko

We were absolutely devastated to hear the news that a dolphin had been found washed up on Matakana Island and is likely to be Moko. The girls cried and I just felt gutted.  Years ago when the GHIU Dad was a boy he got to swim with his local dolphin Opo. We never thought wed get the chance to do this and then along came Moko, now like Opo he has died at four. GHIU does a lot of work in Mahia where Moko first surfaced and lived for a couple of years and people would come up to him from overseas and ask him what time the show started. to which GHIU would reply that he was a wild dolphin!!! We just loved swimming with him for a few days and were very sad to leave. it was one of those things that really is a once in a lifetime thing.
Good Bye Moko..