Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meet Symba....

Halloween...Im so glad our combined halloween Guy Fawkes party is done!! Having been so anxious aout it and committing to it and a Christmas party I really felt over burdeoned. But now I can see the way clear throught to Christmas! We had good weather for our party and lots of children who spent the whole time ruining their scary faces by swimming in the pool for ages.!!

As soon as night fell we bought out the fireworks and concluded with the tradtional Seal scarer...Our neighbours must love us!!

And so to the news: Last week Georgias beautiful cat Sarah dissappeared. We did all the ususal searches and garge checking, road side checking etc. I had had some concerns of a possible Early sign of kidney problems but scared at the thought of something happening to her and Georgias reaction,I hadnt taken her to the IF their was anything it was early early days. She was slees, stealthy and very happy. maybe she really was sick and just left to die. ot maybe someone has been poisoning the pigeons..we saw two dead fat ones in the village just a couple of weeks ago..and she ate one. Pigeons were her favourite prey..She was the supreme hunter!! Anyway georgia was distraught and we said she could get a kitten straight away. The first ad we found was a week later and this little six week long haired tom ahs been in our life ever since. he hadnt been handled much but 12 hours later of two girls fighting a crying and laughing and holding him so much that i feared his leg muscles would atrophy took care of that!! hes just fitted in here so well and has taken to sleeping under the blankets with georgia just as Sarag did. He also extremely gutsy and has so far taken on both our other cts plus our great big lab...could thisd be a tom cat thing?!

I leave you with the photos.
The day after Our halloween party the decorations came down and the Christmas decs went up..well just some of them. I think Im still a bit jaded after the Halloween decorating/ partying. Surprising for me Im just taking it slowly this time!!!

Take care and love to your and your pussy cats!
Love Cherry

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Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Cherry :-)
You left no email for us to contact you, so we're doing it here. Sweetie, to download the cushion pattern you need to read Monday's blog post about Christmas Freebie No. 6 - where it says 'Merry Delights Cushion HERE', just click on the HERE.
Have fun stitching!
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