Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas cooking

And so it begins. The annual Christmas food fest. i always get so keen to cook special biscuits and cakes this time of year. I thought id test these out to see how they would be for Christmas gifts. these ones are off to the GHIU work. I got all the recipes from the Australiam Womans weekly..the one with gorgeous Jop Seagar on the cover. There such marvellous ideas in there that I had to buy the magazine. i dont usually buy magazines ut this one seemed to call out to me. I also had my letter published in the NZ gardenr this month. Yah!!! A gardening voucher for Christmas for me. I really want to treat myself to an outdoor Ornamental Christmas tree this year. Ill use this voucher towards one! I cant have an outdoor party without a outdoor tree.!

Isnt he gorgeous. Symba (Or the ginga monster as GHIU calls hime) Is just so kissable and cuddliable...even with a touch of ringworm...I was a vet nurse for three years and am immune to ringworm fortunately...

Ten gorgeous years with the "gorgeous hubby in uniform" he had to leave early this morning for a job and wont be back until tomorrow. As he left at 4 he said" Thankds for ten lovely years" Awwwww.. These flowers arrived at work on Friday.

Tomorrow afternoon when we get GHIU back we will go down to our favourite Christmas tree farm and earmark our tree. Video camera and camera ready for this tradition. Despite the decorations and cooking I still wasnt feeling very festive. ut tonight we made a trip to town and bought the Best Christmas cd ever..something I have been wanting for ages. I played it and then I was immediately in the Christmas mood ..Hurray.
Happy se3asonal preparations to you all. I am so enjoying the Christmasy blog all over the place!!
Love Cherry

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