Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sew much sewing..

Having recovered 80% from a horrible bout of both Bronchitis and the flu... I have resumed sewing. Back at the beginning of winter I was browsing in sPOTLIGHT AND THEY HAD A WHOLE HEAP OF COTTON SUMMER DRESS MATERIAL AT ONLY 1$ A METRE!!! To cheap to leave behind I bought three metres each of

six different materials with a view to making the girls summer outfits. I love following good tutorials on the ner and so to the left I have sidebared two such exellant tutorials for the halter neck top and the ruffled skirt. The ruffled skirt looks way better than the photo. My sewing machine and I are going through divorce proceddings at present as it just is taking a different direction in life to the one I want to follow. The machine just wants to do what it wants when it wants and is making life so dfficult. I am sending it to the sewing shop this week and will see if its temperament improves following this. If not then I have my eye out on a quilting beauty that is just up my alley!!

I have finished the blocks on my Amercian quilt and am putting this together (by hand) ((The machine just cant handle even simple things right now)), and I am also continuing on my hexagon (grandmathers garden ) quilt made from scraps. It is a charm quilt that will just grow as the scraps gather and one day will be big enough. I actually realy enjoy this its good for ballet practises and swimming practises, up coming recitals and musicals etc etc.

On my mind is the quilttop I will be quilting next. It will be my Halloween quilt. I have had to think about it for days to regather enthusiasm for this task. Just wish I had the resolve I had last year to finish ONE thing FULLY at a time!! On mind more than ever (after the girlsand I watched the Santa Clause ((For the hundrendreth time)) is the Christmas skirt that is quilted and embroidered that I began last Christmas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this beauty but when I re read the magazine to get my Christmas skirt mojo back I relaised that it is not a mere finishing off exercise Id imagined after shelving it many months ago.It is very complex and a bit confusing. I REALLY need to get onto this sson. I think Ill do it alonside the quilting of the Halloween quilt.

Meanwhile the bathroom is mostly finished . Its like a new room!!!. Gorgeous white and fresh and no rot leaking through to Georgias ajoining wall. (bye Bye asthma??).

Now our house seems saleable and the new small farm more buyable. Very exciting. Its interesting to look at rural properties for sale ans see just how they work and then thinking how you would do things the same or differently. I saw a great chook pen/house setup that i would definately follow and a wasted large space in ornamental lawn that I definately wouldnt. Althogh I love gardening, self sufficency is the name of the game.

Thanks for reading , have a great day

Crafty cherry

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