Saturday, June 28, 2008

Possibly my most boring post yet..palstic bags

First start off with a bag, pressed out in the correct way..

Fold in half and then half again..

Now fold up into a triangle..

And another all the way up to the top..

When you get to the end tuck the little left over bits in the triangle pocket that is left..

Apparently this is the way flags are folded. This is not my clever scheme someone showed it to me and I think it is wonderful!

I KNOW I shouldnt be using plastic bags and by and large I dont...but there are times when Im caught on the hop, when my twenty four resusable bags are in theother car, left at home or some such thing, or when I blindly chat away to the staff while my groceries are being packed up at the end by a staff member Anyway the thing is i seem to have a ever growing collection of the t
hings. I donate them to op shops who ask for them but this little way of folding them up has kept me and my children and een gorgeous hubby occupied. When the plstic bags are folded like this you can store them neatly in your bag, car anywhere and pull them out as required.

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