Monday, June 9, 2008

My new door wreath

I love making door wreathes. This is my latest made from dried lavender and strawflowers. Several seasons old the bunches were gathering dust in my room and so needed a new job here.

I got the idea of these wreathes from Martha Stewart a couple of years ago (what idiot took that off the Nz airwaves i wonder) I went a bit mad making them from grape branches and putting them every where. Infact I believe someone took a liking to the ones on my Dads grave because they kept being nicked!

I have wadding and backing for my pastel and hearts quilt but before I could even lay it out to sandwhich it all together, I began another quilt. I have finished all the sawtooth stars and am now doing the main part of the quilt. When will I learn to finish one quilt before beginning another.

And I have been reading this book. If you have even an ounce of simple living in your bones you will LOVE this book. It is outstanding and the best I have read... It just has to line up with the everyday chores, quilting, walking the dog for miles(Im on a new health regime) etc before I can read it ..
Gorgeous hubby just bought me an Ipod. I love it, but Im almost too scared to use this new toy. It can take 2000 songs(!!) More than enough to keep me happy on my walks and (hopefully soon runs.

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Amy said...

That wreath is beautiful. I think it is fine to have a number of quilts on the go at once. It keeps things interesting.