Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How NOT to make soap

Recipe for Soap disaster:

1. Correct amounts of oils.

2. Correct amount of water.

3. Measure incorrect amount of sodium hydroxide approx two and a half times the amount required

4.Mix together.

Trace takes about two seconds. Fizzing commences. Wild potent(toxic?) steam crowds every nook and cranny of kitchen space.

5. Take outside in panic

Yep folks thats one bottle of pure olive oil, half a can of rice bran oil, half a bottle of coconut oil and 285gms of caustic soda down the gurgler.

If anyone finds my brain can they return it please..

This however is the correct way to make


As always find this excellant recipe and great instructions(especially if you are new to this hobby, which by the way I am not although you wouldnt think it by my first effort would you..) at


Thanks Rhonda you are a champion, this end result looks gorgeous!

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