Monday, February 25, 2008


Part of the simple life is making things, gathering things and not just buying them. Like "Martha" i too have "good things" and this is one of them. Ginger beer.

Now we havent made ginger beer for years and as a rule we dont drink fizzy drinks but Ginger beer is sublime and a gorgeous way to enjoy the last of the summer lemons from Nanas tree.
I asked another simple lifer blog friend from New zealand for her recipe and gorgeous hubby and I (he who is after the perfect Ginger beer) last night set about making the bug. If you want the recipe for the bug you'll find it here on her lovely blog.
There must be something in the air because I have refound my sometime soap making obsession, and last night searched fervently for my resipes on the net. I think Ill give Rhonda at resipe a try. I just have to buy some rice bran oil.
Such a wealth of inspiration on other peoples blogs. I wonder if any one reads mine anymore??


Kez said...

lol - I do :)

Liberty Star Farm said...

I thought no one was reading my blog and so I added the little map that tracks the hits. Very interesting to see that people visit, but don't leave many comments.