Monday, September 27, 2010

Well this new add image thingy is just charming...i can not work out how to use it infact its a fluck i got this far.
Ive been away from the computer for a while. There is so much going on here with spring making its appearance and the most gorgeous days  that are unbelievably summer like. We have also had winds so severe they ripped up trees and snow in the deep south. But good old Hawkes bay always gives us these early summer days. Soon it will be October and windy is ALWAYS windy in October..but Im one these weirdos that like the wind!!
School holidays are here for two weeks.
And Ive had a extremely unwelcome visit from Mrs OCD. Which is the bain of my life and can cut me off at the knees for a while. hence the lack of blogging.But I know Ill get thru it as always However im not really up to blogging so Ill just post these few pictures of our Springtime Urban farm..
 The first pea of the season......
 Right outside Alexs bedroom and our bedroom is this lilac night it smells divine!
 I got adventurous and planted out these young corn seedlings..Hope they survive!
 Finally we began to get full egg production as henrietta returned to health once more..GHIU celebrated by making Choux pastry...
And sponge can he cook!!!!  Unfortunately Christmas has appeared to have recieved a leg injury (probably from jumping the fence all the time) and is really hopping along, I think now she has gone off the lay. I desparately hope her leg come right soon. She is eating and being somewhat her bossy self ut is quite sore.
Happy Spring

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